Reviews From Concerts

"A breathtaking performance of the Chopin Concerto No. 2. . .exquisite delicacy, beautiful singing tone and flawless technique." __The Philadelphia Inquirer

"It is rare indeed to find Chopin treated as kindly as we heard him under the artistic hands of Mariblanca De Pujadas. Nuance and tone never overdone, strength when needed, and the embellishments so typical of his style sparkled as they would from a veteran of many years of concertizing." __The Records Ledger (Sunland, California)

"Mariblanca ended her recital amid thunderous applause as a first flight concert pianist. . . With Beethoven Sonata in D-minor Miss De Pujadas showed precision of interpretation, mature expressions and a master's facility at the piano. . . .   her precision, control and interpretations were unparalled."   __Santa Barbara News Press

"The soloist Mariblanca De Pujadas was heard in an astounding performance of the Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 1. . .Amazing is the word that best describes her. But there are others, strength, agility, tenderness. She combines the masculine power that sent the crashing chords of the Tchaikovsky deep into the auditorium with a feminine tenderness for the pianissimo sections that followed." __ Long Beach Daily News

"Here was a musical personality with many solid accomplishments. . .Poise, clear articulation and that very rare element among young keyboard artist today, a real pianistic sound. . .Mariblanca has a natural affinity for the piano and enough talent to carry her a long way." __ wrote Dr. Raymond Kendall, Dean of the School of Music at the University of Southern California in the Los Angeles Times after one of her recitals

"Mariblanca impresses all in Philharmonic recital." __Hollywood Citizen News

"Miss De Pujadas displayed steely fingers, played with seasoned style, sounded secure and projected an image of rock-like solidity." __Los Angeles Times

"The performance of the Beethoven Concerto in C minor revealed all of Miss De Pujadas lovely pianistic qualities. . .most impressive were her musicality, her ability to spin a true legato and her very exquisite trills." __Los Angeles Evening Citizen News

"Miss De Pujadas is a superb artist. . .a born Chopin player ...She offered a lovely singing tone and a stupendous technique. . .The large and enthusiastic audience awarded her a triumphant standing ovation." __Oakland Tribune

"Miss De Pujadas is an immensely gifted pianist . .  Displayed a brilliant technique and an outstanding musicality."__The Fresno Bee                                           

"Dazzling mastery of the keyboard displayed throughout her performance of the Liszt Concerto no. 1. . .Extraordinary artistry. . .a powerful performance"   __San Francisco Chronicle

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