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Piano Lessons Policy Information



Tuition:  is calculated by the semester. Each year is divided into three semesters: Fall, Spring, Summer. Tuition is due in advance on the last week before the new month. If tuition is not paid by the 5th, a $10.00 late fee will be assessed in addition to the tuition. When discontinuing lessons a 30 day notice is required.


Music Books:  Ms. Mariblanca will choose the piano books and methods appropriate for each student based on a studentís age and experience. Books may be picked-up at the music store or can be paid directly to Ms. Mariblanca. All students are required to bring to all piano lessons the music books.


Student Responsibilities:  Students are expected to practice a minimum of 30 minutes five (5) days per week for beginners and longer periods for intermediate to advanced students. Practice sessions must always include a through review of the assignment for the week. Practicing carefully and accurately at home is essential to the progress of each student. For the very early age students a parent is expected to participate at each lesson so that can help the child at home with the learning process.


Attendance:  Students are expected to arrive on time for their lesson. If a student is late, the lesson will consist of the remaining time in the originally scheduled lesson.


Piano is a wonderful instrument that once mastered one can enjoy playing all types of music. However, it takes time and practice to acquire the technique and interpretation as well as a good working and performance knowledge of the instrument.


Missed Lessons:  If a lesson must be missed due to an emergency a make-up lesson will be given at a mutually convenient time provided that the schedule allows it. We all know that emergencies occur, but a 24-hour notice is required to cancel a lesson and to be considered for a make-up lesson. Last minute cancellations cannot be considered for any make-ups. You must call Ms. Mariblanca directly at 713-376-0065 for any cancellations.


Recitals and Piano Examinations:  Students are expected to participate in the annual National Piano Guild Auditions sponsored by the American College of Musicians, Suzuki Festivals and theory examinations. These are important events to motivate the students and monitor their progress. The students that meet the requirements receive certificates and awards for their achievements. These auditions and festivals are for all levels and ages of students from the very beginners to the most advanced. Recitals will also be held for those students who wish to participate.


My goal is for you to make fine musical progress and be able to participate successfully in music examinations and in recitals.

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